Friday, February 5, 2010

Bonnaroo to sport a psychadelic theatrical cap?




Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me.

Is there any-one home?

When I noticed a supposed "leaked" version of the artist lineup for Bonnaroo 2010 was posted on the Web, I looked at the flier, scanning from the bottom up, waiting to see what it said the top few bands would be this year.

When I saw the words "Roger Waters performing the Wall" I was, to say the least, excited. I've always wanted to see The Wall, performed in all it's theatrical glory, played live in front of a huge roaring crowd. I read while ago that Pink Floyd would not give permission for any bands (or high school drama troupes, for that matter) to play the rock opera live, limiting the masterpiece to just a few live performances (beyond Floyd's original touring to support the album) over the past decades by Waters himself.

I have listened to Waters' performance of The Wall in Berlin in 1990 countless times, and the recording captures the original pompous British extravaganza and musical roller coaster to a T. I can't wait what it will sound like at Bonnaroo. Let's just hope this is not a rumor!

There are plenty of other cool bands on the leaked flier including 311, The String Cheese Incident, DMB, Jay-Z, Tenacious D, My Morning Jacket, STS9, Les Claypool, Phoenix and Stevie Wonder. See the flier below:

Last year was a great lineup and I appreciated that the Bonnaroo people brought in the Jam kings (Phish) to right the direction of the festival ship. This year looks like another good one, even if part of the flier is accurate. Though several acts are likely to be correct, the advertisement could also be a fabricated lie. We'll have to wait until Feb. 9 to find out.

There are bands from many genres, though the experimental jam-esque vibe of the festival's roots is well-represented. There is no lack of talent in this year's line up. And what better act to cap the night than the talented psychedelic storytelling of Roger Waters.

I wonder if concert-goers will be required to eat any pudding before going to see the show.


OK, it looks like the flier was not entirely true, but there are a few bands that have matched up, as Bonnaroo announces the artists one by one on their Myspace page.

Confirmed true, also on the "leaked" poster: DMB, Phoenix, Jay-Z.

New confirmed acts: OK Go, Medeski, Martin and Wood, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Neon Indian, Jeff Beck.

An interisting an awesome Pink Floyd twist: The Flaming Lips with Stardeath and White Dwarfs perform "Dark Side of the Moon."

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