Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The last Red Rocks Incident

I am excited for the short string of cheese incidents that were announced by the String Cheese Incident. The Colorado band returns to the stage at one of their favorite backyard spots, Red Rocks.

Since The Cheese played their final scheduled show of 2007 at Red Rocks Aug. 9-12, they have made one other appearance as a band at the Rothbury festival in Michigan. The members have participated inb various solo and other musical ventures throughout the hiatus.

After the first night of these shows, Angie and I drove straight to Red Rocks without finding a place to stay (camp). Everyone at the show told us there was camping all around so we weren't worried.

But when the show got out it was late and we chose a random road to start out on. We drove for maybe an hour, before deciding to pull over and sleep on the shoulder of the road.

When we woke up we were in a wilderness looking area, with miles of forest in every direction.

We stayed in Denver the next day and made sure to head that way after the show.

The next day, we returned without tickets, but someone searched us out and convinced a stranger to give us free tickets.

The girl had been "miracled" the night before, and seemed to be trying to fulfill her karmic duties by bringing a miracle to another.

"Well maybe I'd take $20 for them," the man mumbled, but was swiftly interrupted by the girl with the fairy wings and Rainbow Brite hair.

"No way, you said miracle, you said miracle, man, that's not cool," she warned. The man gave in to her plea and gave up the tickets. We felt a little strange, but thanked him and went inside.

I attended the August Red Rocks shows, and I am excited to try to go to the next turn up the riverbed.

Some photos of the Aug. 2007 parking lot scene at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Golden, Colo., just a short drive West of Denver.

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